CTC Announces Procedure for Tuition Exemption for Children of Deployed Service Members and Hazlewood Act Changes

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) recently notified state institutions of higher education of a new tuition exemption for children of military service members who are deployed to active duty in a combat zone outside the U. S.

The 81st Legislature passed Senate Bill 297, which requires public institutions exempt an eligible child from the payment of resident tuition for every semester or academic term during which a child demonstrates that he or she is a dependent child, including a stepchild, of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is a Texas resident or entitled to pay resident tuition, and the member is deployed on active duty for the purpose of engaging in a combative military operation outside of the United States.

The new program begins with tuition charged for the 2009 fall semester, and is retroactive to the first date of the Central Texas College fall semester. Current Central Texas College students may apply for a refund of fall tuition paid at the business office. The following documents are required to request and document eligibility for this exemption: The sponsor’s most current LES, a copy of deployment orders, and a copy of the eligible dependent’s military ID.

For subsequent CTC start dates, students may bring the documentation to the business office immediately after registering for classes. Fees are not included in this exemption.

To learn more about this program, a Fact Sheet is available at http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/apps/financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=580

In addition to the combat exemption, the 81st Legislature approved eligible veterans to transfer Hazlewood Act benefits to dependent children. The purpose of the Hazlewood Exemption (Hazlewood Act) is to provide an education benefit to honorably discharged or separated Texas veterans and their dependent children and spouses.

Senate Bill 93 authorized new provisions which remove certain residency restrictions, extend eligibility to spouses, and permit eligible veterans to assign their unused hours to their child. These new provisions are known as the “Hazelwood Legacy Act.”

Veterans may find more information on the Hazlewood Act, along with application packets, at http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/apps/financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=579 .

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