Warning to students – DO NOT pay for financial aid assistance

Students reported this week they received letters from a company called College Financial Advisory promising financial aid assistance for a $59 fee. CTC reminds students they do not have to pay for such services as colleges and universities offer the information for free.

These companies promise to help students seek financial aid, grant and scholarship opportunities. While some companies are legitimate, they still charge a high fee for the service which students can get for free at the CTC financial aid office in Student Services (Bldg. 111).

Other companies give the appearance of being affiliated with CTC or a particular school, more often the school attended by the student. Students should know CTC does not affiliate itself with any of these types of companies. CTC provides this service to students for free and does not have to use other companies soliciting payments.

Again, students looking to find financial aid information and assistance simply need to contact the school’s financial aid office. If a student prefers, he or she can even receive the same assistance from the school or university they wish to transfer to and the information will still be free. Each school provides students the necessary information on every available opportunity for which they qualify without charging a fee for the service.

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