CTC offers mobile app to obtain college information

Central Texas College (CTC) now offers anytime access to important information about the community college through a new mobile application (app). Students and the community can access telephone numbers, campus news, events, maps and more through the app provided by Mobile Access (MOX).

The new mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch as well as Android and Blackberry phones. Through the app, students can access important numbers to campus offices and departments. Users can also gain quick access to campus news and events straight from the CTC website. The events can then be downloaded to one’s personal calendar for quick and easy reminders.

The app also contains a campus map so users can easily locate buildings, classrooms and points of interest on campus. Directions to campus locations and photos are provided on the app through Google Maps.

To access the CTC mobile app, users simply need to visit the MOX – Mobile App Setup web page at http://www.ctcd.edu/socialmediamox.html.

“This is an excellent way our students can access the information they need when venturing to campus,” noted Barbara Merlo, director of CTC Community Relations and Marketing. “They can find the relevant department phone numbers, locate the buildings for registration, transcripts or classrooms for easy navigation around campus. The app is also a great tool for students or the community in general to keep abreast of the many campus events we offer and any campus news that may be of importance to them.”

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