CTC again named safest campus in Texas

For the second consecutive year, Central Texas College (CTC) was cited as the safest college campus in Texas. According to a recent study completed by StateUniversity.com, CTC ranked first in the state and sixth in the nation based on campus crime statistics accounting for the severity and frequency of crime. The statistics are based per 1,000 students.

StateUniversity.com compared crime statistics for more than 450 colleges and universities nationwide and assigned each school a safety score based on frequency and severity of crime reported. CTC earned a safety rating of 99.08 and was the one of two Texas schools to make the top 10 in the country. South Plains College was seventh.

Safety ratings were determined based on the number of occurrences of aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, theft/larceny, motor vehicle theft and more violent crimes. These are then weighed based on the probability of each incident happening to each student. Violent crime is given more weight in the ranking system and has a greater effect on the safety rating than non-violent crime such as theft. CTC had no incidents of violent crime.

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