CTC Board approves two new programs

During the March monthly meeting of the Central Texas College (CTC) Board of Trustees, members voted to approve two new instructional programs and school chancellor Dr. Thomas Klincar announced some prominent news for the college regarding the reinstatement of military’s Tuition Assistance program.

Board members approved a new Associate of Science degree in kinesiology to begin in fall 2013. The kinesiology program was developed to provide students with the first two years of coursework towards a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology in preparation of transferring to a four-year college or university. The degree will support jobs in education, the fitness industry and coaching.

Also approved was a non-credit certificate program in massage therapy offered through the school’s Continuing Education Department. The massage therapy program will provide instruction preparing students to take the state exam to become a licensed massage therapist. “This program will provide our students an opportunity to launch a career in a high-growth field,” said Teresa Chavez, CTC continuing education director. “The demand for massage therapy has increased dramatically in this area, especially as it relates to pain and stress management.” According to the 2010 Pain Management Task Force of the Office of the Army Surgeon General, alternative therapies like massage are included as a part of a holistic approach to pain management.

During his opening remarks to Board members, Dr. Klincar provided members an update of the recent tuition assistance suspension. He noted the Senate Inhofe-Hagan amendment to restore military Tuition Assistant and the similar House bill H.R. 933 were approved and Tuition Assistance will be restored for the Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard pending the President’s signature.

Dr. Klincar then announced another major news item regarding Department of Defense Instruction, signed March 14, which specifies military members will not be eligible for Tuition Assistance if they choose to take their first course from a non-contract school. Of the approximate 3,400 regionally-accredited colleges and universities in the United States, many with online programs marketed to military members, only one is the overseas DOD contracted school to offer the Associated of Applied Science Degree and that is Central Texas College. “This announcement may truly have the most significant potential impact for our college since we opened our doors.”

In other board action, a contract valued at $250,000 was awarded to LoneStar Restaurant for kitchen equipment in the renovation of the Student Center kitchen. The kitchen remodel, which is scheduled for completion this summer, will expand lab space capacity from 10 to 32 students to help meet the demand for culinary courses. The updated kitchen will also allow full use for instructional programs.

The board also approved a notice to cancel the trustee regular election in May since each incumbent board member was running unopposed. The three board members will serve additional six-year terms, including Mari Meyer, board chairperson; Woody Shemwell, board vice chairperson; and Jimmy Towers, board secretary.

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