CTC among top degree producing two-year schools

Central Texas College (CTC) was named to the list of the top 100 associate degree and certificate producers in the nation for 2011-2012 compiled by Community College Week magazine. In its annual report, the publication listed CTC 27th overall among all schools and universities and 16th among two-year schools in producing two-year degrees. This marks an increase of seven percent to 2,929 associate degrees conferred from last year when CTC produced 2,746 associate degrees.

Among minority students, CTC ranked 18th overall and ninth among two-year schools producing 1,600 associate degrees – an eight percent increase from 1,488 the previous year. CTC ranks 12th overall/fourth among two-year schools with 931 associate degrees produced among African-American students; 45th overall/35th among two-year schools for Hispanic students (495 associate degrees); 71st overall/60th among two-year schools for Asian-American students (142 associate degrees); and 46th overall/27th among two-year schools for American Indian students (32 degrees). CTC is fourth in Texas behind El Paso Community College, Houston Community College and Lone Star College System in total associate degrees for minority students.

For associate degrees by discipline, CTC ranks 16th overall/eighth among two-year schools in liberal arts and sciences, general studies and humanities; 24th overall/12th among two-year schools in criminal justice; 31st overall/18th among two-year-schools in security and protective services; 32nd overall/30th among two-year schools in family and consumer sciences/human sciences; and 42nd overall/18th among two-year schools in computer and information sciences and support services.

Among all two-year schools in Texas, CTC ranks fifth in total associate degrees produced behind Lone Star College System, Houston Community College, El Paso Community College and Tarrant County College District.

Since 1988, Community College Week has been the independent source of in-depth information for and about two-year college faculty, administrators and trustees. Published biweekly, Community College Week’s readers include college presidents, chief academic officers, faculty, student-service professionals, librarians and other educators. The publication includes analyses of critical academic trends and issues, vital statistics, technology updates and employment opportunities.

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