CTC Foundation awards scholarships

The Central Texas College (CTC) Foundation recently awarded 144 scholarships totaling nearly $162,000. A reception was held recently in the Anderson Campus Center to honor the winners and provide them an opportunity to meet and thank community members who donated funds for the initiation and endowment of many of the scholarships. The scholarships will be used in the 2013-14 academic year and were awarded for both academic performance and need.

Among the scholarships awarded was the first-ever Eagle-Warrior Corps Scholarship – a partnership between CTC and Texas A&M-Central Texas. The scholarship was developed to provide full scholarship opportunities for CTC students identified as participants in the A&M-Central Texas’ Warrior Corps. Each recipient will receive, at a minimum, an annual scholarship equal to or greater than the anticipated cost of tuition and fees. The award will be made annually from an applicant pool of Warrior Corps students who must also maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. The first winner is Tatjana Mitchell, who will receive funding for two years at CTC and two years at Texas A&M-Central Texas.

This year’s CTC Foundation scholarship winners are:

AAUW Lea Leadger Endowed Scholarship: Jennifer Gunn
Agnes Haug Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Courtney Spaulding
Agriculture Department Endowed Scholarship: Ashley Stephens
Al Ornstein Endowed Scholarship: Bin Sun, Lauren Gomez and David Zamudio
Amy and Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship: Aaron Mandzak
Annabelle R. Alrich Endowed Scholarship: Tiffaney Lofaso
Band of Angels Scholarship: Felicia Hannah, Cassandra Freed, Maricel Poston and Elizabeth Yaeger
Bernice and Sis Beck Music Scholarship: Thomas Cardenas
Bernice M. Beck Endowed Banking Scholarship: Stacie Clark
Betsy and Kyle Hilliard Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Brian Smith, Stephanie Clark, Meghan Barr, Stephanie Basham and Elaine Bird
Betty Smothers Broadhurst Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Gage Crapper
Bluebonnet Chapter of the International Code Scholarship: Sean Dixon
CTC and TSU Scholarship: Samantha Montgomery, Brittany Burdick and Aaron Shephard
CTC Bookstore Endowed Scholarship: Wanda Kaczmarczyk
CTC Chancellor’s Endowed Scholarship: Maria Bournigal, Catherine Henry, Alyssia Tirado, Carmen Capeles, Christopher Lorenzo, Anthony Alonzo, Cotina Quiney, Brian Duff, Linda Penitusi and Sandra Blackwell
CTC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship: Daniela Rivera and Robin Busch
CTC Fine Arts Concert Series Scholarship: Joshua Everett, Bonnie Martin and Whisper Williams
CTC Foundation Endowed Humanities Scholarship: Samary Taylor
CTC Law, Business and Office Services Scholarship: Yiju Kim and Deann Ries
CTC Media and Technology Endowed Scholarship: Charles McGrigg and Alexandrea Wood
CTC Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship: Savannah Satchell
CTC Risk Management Wellness Committee: Christine Vasquez
CTC Science Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Post and Kristin Pangelinan
CTC Student Nurses Association Endowed Scholarship: Nyruby Julien
Chae Kwan Lin, PhD. Endowed Scholarship: Scott Machorek
Charles F. Haug Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Anna Callen
Beth Cheatham Office Administration Scholarship: Stephanie Moyeno
Charles Lepard “Tiger” Memorial Hospitality Scholarship: Ashley Martin
Col. Ret. Thomas “Tiny” and Nora Wesson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: LaDonna Hurd
Congressman Chet Edwards Endowed Scholarship: Abby Reeves
Criminal Justice Scholarship: Nathaly Brunt and Anabel Biggers-Mathis
Diane Hunter CATEYC Endowed Scholarship: Glenda Gadlin
Dr. Charles Patterson Nursing Scholarship: Dannette Osborne
Dr. James and Lois Anderson Endowed Scholarship: Kimberly Thompson
Dr. W.A. and Mrs. Joyce Roach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing: Charles McGrigg, Kassandra Milard and Christina Waltengaugh
Dr. Ray Stanley and Dr. Billie Laney Endowed Scholarship: Carletta Bowman and Kristen Schlabach
E.H. and Lorettre Rhode Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Campbell
Eagle-Warrior Scholarship: Tatjana Mitchell
Ed Bolton Scholarship: Jamie Zuidmulder
Elwood Shemwell Endowed Scholarship: William LaComb
Eugene Rorie Endowed Scholarship: Alexandrea Wood
Eugene Smith Endowed Scholarship: Linda McGrigg and Salvador Arizmendez
Extraco State Bank Endowed Scholarship: Stephanie Garrett
Florence and Tolley Moore Memorial Scholarship: Kearsten Patterson, Anna Kefauver, Andrianita Contreras and Jimmy Sunga
Four Winds Lola E. Hayden Memorial Scholarship: Heather Kroboth
Frankie Baggett Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship: Jerrica Nolt
Geeks and Nerds Scholarship: Kim Dohyun, Maria Mosher, Angela Irwin-Allred, Andrea Kiser, Samantha Wheeler and Cheri Traenkle
Genevieve Shemwell Nursing Scholarship: Katie de LaCruz and Sonya Yoder
Gilmore Senior Citizens Center Endowed Scholarship: Kayla Keeler
Golden Deeds Recipients Endowed Scholarship: Tyler Brafford and Ackerbear Basilius
Gordon Graves Green Vest Boys and Girls Club Scholarship: Viviana Martinez, Atlanta Bain, Tyrienne Dixon, Quantai Wright, Annabelle Barrington, Bianca Nickleberry, Keeasha Shaw, Danyale Higgs and Amber Hudson
Guinn and Darlene Fergus Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Ron Scoggins and Timmy Oyenubi
Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union Juanita C. Williams Endowed scholarship; Rachel Watson
Heating and Air Conditioning Club Scholarship: Anthony Hernandez
Helen and William Bigham Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Stormie Cantwell, Michelle Lopez and Rachel Boyce
Horace Grace African-American Studies and Research Endowed Scholarship: Harry Spears
Hord-Johnson Endowed Scholarship: Donna Hickson
Iraqi Freedom Endowed Scholarship: Vanessa Van Winkle
James and Bernice Lindley Endowed Scholarship: Matthew Fischer and Cina Lessard
Jane and Sid Wieser Vocational/Technical Endowed Scholarship: Jason Brundage, Andre Sanford, Latasha Smith, David Perez and Helen Dow
John .E. Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship: David Wall
Jerrie Sue and Tony Cleaver Office Technology Scholarship: Stephanie Moyeno
Killeen Volunteer, Inc. Endowed Scholarship: Sarah Luke
LULAC Council 4534 Foundation Scholarship: David Tinajero
Metroplex Health System Henderson Garrett Endowed Scholarship: Brooke Field, Jennifer Kurz, Angela Simms and Luz Monfreda
Phi Theta Kappa Endowed Scholarship: Bonnie Sewell
Phyllis Allen Barron Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Kim Smith
Roy J. Smith Endowed Scholarship: Shawna Hill
Ruby Brown Delta Omega Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Mabinty Aluko
Rudolph and Kathryn Schnitz Endowed Scholarship: Andromada McFarland
Sallie Mae Endowed Scholarship: Daniel Garido
Schamberger Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Maricel Poston
Single Mothers Endowed Scholarship: Michelle Rand-Castillo and Brianna Cmet
Staff Development Endowed Scholarship: Michelle Nicolaus
Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Endowed Scholarship: Michael Leatherman, Melissa Wise and Maria Mosher
Two J’s Computer Endowed Scholarship: Dolores Harlaque
Virginia F. Piper Samuel Scholarship: Angela Simms
Wickersham/Thomas Memorial Scholarship: Rocky Luna
William A. Crawford Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Diondra Hamm
Wolf Warrior Endowed Scholarship: Chase Mills, Catherine Teese, Monica Stepney and Dianna Yaber

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