VetSuccess program up and running on CTC campus

As part of the new VetSuccess on Campus program initiated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Central Texas College (CTC) now has two experienced vocational counselors on campus to assist veterans, active duty and eligible family members with a variety of services. The program was established earlier this year to providing a supportive, on-campus environment where student veterans may gather to obtain assistance and peer support. Its focus is to assist student veterans in making a smooth transition to college life and successfully complete their educational programs.

The two counselors assigned to CTC, James Morgan and Gregory Primas, serve as a one-stop shop to provide assistance with everything from education benefits to medical health referrals. They are housed in the Skills Center (Bldg. 118) on the CTC campus.

Military personnel and veterans can seek assistance with information applying for and maximizing VA educational benefits including the Montgomery G.I. Bill (Chapter 30), 9/11 G.I Bill (Chapter 33) and other VA and non-VA educational benefits. They can also obtain help with applying for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31) services, transition support services to include vocational exploration and career counseling, information on college credit for military experience and training, job placement assistance to include resume writing, translating military work experience and training and referrals to state and other agencies for assistance.

Assistance is also provided in the areas of applying for other VA benefits including disability compensation, life insurance, home loan guaranty and others, assistance with electing healthcare benefits through the Veterans Health Administration, information and referrals for VA medical and mental health services, referrals to the local Vet Center for readjustment counseling services and on-campus, community and VA resources to ensure academic success.

CTC and the VA signed a memorandum of understanding this summer outlining the VetSuccess on Campus program which took effect September 1. The VA is working closely with the CTC Veterans Services department to advance, improve and expand current assistance programs and employment opportunities for veterans. In addition, CTC is also providing practical training on current services offered by the school including career counseling, vocational assessment, employment assistance, financial aid assistance, financial services, psychological counseling and services for students with disabilities, learning assistance and academic advising.

Veterans, active duty and eligible family members attending or planning to attend CTC can schedule an appointment with the vocational counselors by calling either 254-501-3094 or 501-3095.

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