CTC Enactus co-hosts grand re-opening of local business

Students in the Central Texas College (CTC) Enactus organization will host a grand re-opening of a local restaurant as the culmination of its Operation Step Up. The local business, formerly Taste-N-See restaurant, received a makeover and will re-open as The Roos Stop on Monday, November 18 at 11 a.m. at 441 N. 38th Street across from Killeen High School.

Enactus members worked to completely overhaul the business by providing a new look to include a paint job, new outdoor signage and other cosmetic fixes. Enactus also provided a makeover of the business operations by assisting owner, Gayce Smith, with new branding, marketing, creating a new business plan and other business tools.

Mike Leatherman, Enactus project manager for Operation Step Up noted the business was in dire need of a new business plan. “We were excited to take on Taste-N-See in hopes of helping to make the business become profitable,” he said. “We assisted them with new pricing strategies, bookkeeping practices, customer service and other areas which were lacking. Our goal is to continue to provide the owners assistance until they turn the corner and are able to sustain profitability.”

With its location across from Killeen High School, the new Roos Stop will focus on offering delicious lunch options for the high school students. The new facelift will also offer students a convenient place to dine and relax during the lunch hour. Leatherman added, the Roos Stop is not just for students. “Although the location is in prime walking distance for the high schoolers, the Roos Stop is a lunch locale for the community,” he said. “The menu offers satisfying lunch options for business people, commuters, the neighborhood and also for people who need a quick lunch to go.”

The Roos Stop is the third locally-owned business to benefit from Operation Step Up. Last year, Enactus assisted two local businesses achieve success through improved business practices. The Fins and Flowers Pet Shop in Copperas Cove received a total makeover which included new marketing and advertising strategies, business plan a new inventory tracking system, customer service training and a store remodel. The end result was a new name (Out of the Cage Pet Store), increased sales of 50 percent, increased profits of 281 percent and the business has lowered its credit debt by $5,000.

The second business, Michelle’s Flowers and Gifts was able to open a second location in the main Post Exchange on Fort Hood and has increased its sales and customer base.

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