CTC second most popular school for soldiers using tuition assistance; third overall among all military

Central Texas College (CTC) moved up one ranking to become the second most popular school chosen by active-duty soldiers who use tuition assistance (TA) to pay for their higher education. In a survey compiled by Military Times magazine for fiscal year 2013, CTC was second after ranking third for the past two years. Four-year, for-profit school American Military University (AMU) of the American Public University System ranked first while last year’s number two school the University of Maryland-University College, a public institution, finished third for soldiers.

Military Times requested tuition assistance data on students, course enrollments and funds from all branches of the military including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army National Guard and Coast Guard. Among the other military branches, CTC ranked third for Marines using TA and seventh for Navy personnel. Overall, CTC was the third most popular school for all military personnel using TA with 21,662 students using TA taking 50,297 courses.

CTC reported more than 16,300 soldiers using TA to pay for their college education last year. The school also reported a graduation rate of 11 percent. More than 2,200 Marines used TA through CTC with a graduation rate of 11 percent. The Navy reported 1,941 sailors used TA at CTC also with an 11 percent graduation rate.

In total, the Army logged 81,433 TA students in fiscal year 2013 among the list’s top 10 schools. The top 10 schools for the Air Force reported 69,514 TA students, while the Navy had 26,547 TA students. The Marine Corps reported 18,234 students and the Coast Guard had 4,618 TA students among the top 10 schools on the list.

“Military Times” began tracking the most popular colleges for active-duty students in 2009. Since then it has seen a sharp increase in those choosing for-profit colleges. Among the top 10 TA schools for soldiers, five of the schools were for-profit, three were private institutions and two were public schools.

CTC offers both online and classroom options for military members with sites on 27 military installations across the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. CTC has sites in 14 countries and three continents covering Europe and the Middle East; 30 sites in the Pacific Far East including Korea, mainland Japan and Okinawa; and Naval ships at sea. In addition to classroom and online classes, CTC also offers alternative education delivery methods such as hybrid or blended courses, courses on compact discs (CDs) and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

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